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Updated 8/26/2014:
"A Gun Rights Compromise"

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Period Inks and Pigments Revisited, 12/11/2013
(follow-up article to Period Inks and Pigments from the Modern Kitchen)

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Someone wondered about the back story of my publishing woes. Looks like I killed the old page that explained that, so here is the short version of what happened. Enjoy.

Free craft/SCA articles here
A collection of craft and how-to articles. Includes paper-making; inks, pigments, and paints; sundials; brewing; medieval footwear; metal gauntlets and half gauntlets; spangenhelm; tactics; and more.

I used to be active in the Society for Creative Anachronism, so a lot of these are written from that perspective. But they are still useful for anyone interested in learning how to do things for themselves.

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